Farm Fresh Eggs from Mr Noodles


I purchase fresh farm eggs from Josh. He has a chicken coop. I love chickens. So I ask Josh, “do you have names for your chickens?” His reply, “they are all named Mr. Noodle”…..

It’s the weekend! Leszek, my husband, has a request for eggs & hollandaise over polenta; eggs bene without the ham. We begin with Farm fresh eggs from Mr Noodle. It will be a most sumptuous offering of a classic brunch, but a small amount, just two yolks.

Hollandaise is an emulsion of eggs & butter. Butter warm enough to be melted, but cold enough not to scramble the eggs. Place your egg yolks & a splash of cold water in a bowl bowl over simmering, not boiling water and whisk whisk whisk! The double-boiler method ensures the eggs won’t scramble over the heat. Keep Whisking until your eggs have the consistency of “whipped cream”.

Remove from the heat, place your bowl on a wet towel on the counter (this holds the bowl in place). Whisking constantly, slowly add the melted butter…….

Add a squeeze of fresh lemon…..

A dash of Cayenne, Paprika, Salt and Pepper…..

Choose your base. We are using left over Polenta warmed in a saute pan with a little butter. Warning: warming polenta in the toaster does not work. ha ha! I have a mess in my toaster .

Prepare a very hot pan of water, not boiling and not simmering. I add about a tablespoon of white vinegar to the water. Crack the fresh eggs gently into the hot water. A freshly laid egg has a white that is almost as firm as the yolk. Do not over cook your eggs. You want to cut into perfectly runny eggs. Remove and place on your warm polenta.  Add the creamy hollandaise with the proper lemony zing to your eggs and get ready for a delicious rich flavor that will make your tongue dance…..

Poached Eggs and Hollandaise over warmed polenta……

Equals a Happy Husband 🙂


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