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Baked Eggs & Parmesan Cream


You wake up wanting something savory. Your taste buds would like something that requires dunking…. Delicious Baked Eggs and Cream! How about a savory pancake to accompany your dish of baked eggs? A fresh chive pancake from the griddle waiting to be immersed in the cheesy goodness. It is one of the richest dish of eggs you will ever eat,  yet so tasty you will be compelled to eat every last bite. A Brunch Favorite Start with fresh ingredients. Your basic ingredients are two eggs & cream. You can add anything to the ramekin.Baked Eggs IngredientsPlace a little cream in the bottom of the ramekin, add a little cheese, add a few ingredients, here we have added fresh chives, sweet red pepper, scallions and sliced montery jack cheese. My husband added a little salsa to his. We also baked some with cream, fresh grated parmesan & chives. Gently crack in two eggs. Add more cream and fresh ingredients. Maybe a little salt & pepper. Be sure your yolks are showing so you can check them when they are baking. Place your filled ramekins on a sheet pan and bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes. Baked EggsBring on the cheeseOnto a sheet pan & into the oven...